I did it! 30 love letters in 30 days (almost). Here are the final letters:

Headed to another desert #30daysloveletters #30dayschallenge

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To a friend.

The final love letters (after a slight delay lol) #30daysloveletters #30dayschallenge

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And 3 more to Postcrossing.

I may actually continue my Postcrossing postcard adventures. I have received some really neat postcards in return, check it out:


I’m thinking I can use them in the next challenge I’ve decided to dive into which is: jewelry making.

I know I said I was going to try a yoga pose every day, but given the struggle I had with doing something every single day, I’m going to try an easier challenge. The plan is to make a piece of jewelry every day for 30 days (which allows for some binge sessions┬áif I run out of time). I am going to start creating tomorrow, actually, at my very first jewelry class! 10 weeks of 3 hour sessions in a lab, I’m very excited. We’ll see what happens.

The things I learned writing love letters were invaluable to me. Mostly, I learned how likely I am to withdraw when I feel bad. I didn’t realize just how isolated I get when I’m not at my best.┬áI also learned what I already suspected–everyone loves to get mail! I do, and my letter recipients all seemed to enjoy getting something in the mail as well. Writing a little card or note seems like an easy way to brighten someone else’s day, at a relatively low cost. I also learned that there is a reason a 30 day challenge is a challenge–I found myself dragging through some of it. I’m glad to have arrived at a stopping place, ready to try something new!

Love Letters: Final

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