January is here and it is time to do some new challenges! I love new years, they make me feel like I can start over anything I want, and do it better next time.

I decided to try out doing a few things this month rather than focusing on one thing every day. Lately, I’ve been feeling stuck in the rut/daily grind of life. I get very easily set in my comfortable ways of eating, having fun and enjoying life but I forget that shaking things up can also be a good idea. So here are my ten “get out of the rut” goals for January:

–Find a new musical artist and listen to 5 songs

–Create one piece of jewelry or set of resin pendants

–Bake something tasty

–Go bowling with the kids

–Send a letter to someone

–Find one decoration for my office

–Go to a new restaurant

–Do one mixed media art project in art journal

–Finish The Red Book

–Set up the marble jar (I want to do a visual project that helps me remember that life is GOOD as often as it is hard. I know I’ll never remember/stick to writing good memories down, so I plan to create a little jar where I drop a marble each time I feel good, experience a good thing or something positive happens. That way, I have a reminder I can see that life is pretty awesome and also sparkly.)

10 things for January

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