I’ve picked up jewelry making as a hobby, and it’s gotten a bit out of control. This little gallery highlights all my recent projects (that I’m willing to show anyone). Most of my work involves resin, beads, wire and cording.

Each piece is one-of-a-kind and won’t ever be recreated. Some of these items are available for sale at XO Studio Clothing.

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I Think It's Fluorite

I bought these pretty eggs at a bead shop from the clearance rack. After extensive googling, I've decided they are probably fluorite. Or something else, who knows? Wrapped in various ways and placed on leather cord as pendants. They tend to be purple/green/clear combinations.

The Chariot

A pair of tired and bored-looking sphinxes. Perfect for your next company meeting.

The High Priestess

She's so fancy, I added real gemstones because of fanciness. Amazonite and tourmaline chips, along with some silver beads and silver plated chain adorn the lady Priestess. She knows some shit.

The Emperor

He's Emperor Side-Eye, and he has no time for the shade they're throwing. He also doesn't like your shoes. I love him.

The World (1)

She's the whole damn world, so now what are you going to do? Her beads are sparkly and her cord is leather, as though she were made of the face of a wise woman. That's not creepy, right?

Straight Outta Tucson

Copper and turquoise earrings because if I didn't make them, I would be kicked out of Arizona. Wait. Let's pretend this never happened. (Secret truth, I actually love these. Shh I'll lose my 'I hate this touristy crap' street cred.)


Those are tiny Swarovski crystals on there, which is just a sparklier version of regular beads.


Wire wrap and some tiny beads. Worn on fingers.

Looks like an eyeball, right?

Fake pearls and craft wire and some of that evil eye magic made this a thing. I think it could be a cool necklace or could hang on your door to prevent neighborhood gossip.

Earring Assortment

Those hoops with the tourmaline chips are pretty, right? Well my asshole bird ate one of the chips so imagine four on one and five on the other. Asymmetry is cool.

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